Seed Of Life
Uncover and Hone Your Superpowers


Our head wizards are pioneers in the movement to higher consciousness. Each brings unique wisdom to share, guiding you through a variety of topics including spirit and animal communication, telekinesis, channeling, light language, meditation, intuitive art, auras, energy healing and more. Expect hands-on experiential courses from teachers who are open to input leading to amazing self discoveries in wizardry.


Wizards unite for a weekend of adventure and exploration of exciting realms of transformative knowledge, while honing their energetic, spiritual, and intuitive gifts! With a mix of fun activities throughout the day, you will advance your ideas about yourself, the world and your galaxy. Surrounded by nature, you can express yourself and share with others in a safe and meaningful way.

Parenting Wizards

As a parent you are on the front line with the challenges and successes of raising a conscious child. It’s time for you to take a breather and explore ways for your family to thrive and making lasting relationships with other parent wizards and their families. Parent forums will be offered throughout the weekend as well as suggestions for local outings for you to take time to relax and enjoy.

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