The Fruit of Life Parent Network, an initiative of the Flower of Life Institute, provides support and resources to parents of conscious, spiritually-gifted children and teens.

Our goal is to help parents redefine education in a quickly evolving, new world.  Many advanced children today come to the planet remembering their assignments, gifts and unique talents and become labeled as not fitting into the conventional learning model.  Parenting these children can present challenges when strategies that worked in the past no longer apply.  This can lead to feeling alone and misunderstood by family, friends and professionals.  There has never been a more critical time for parents to receive the encouragement they need to guide their children with confidence, consciousness and creativity.  

The mission of the Fruit of Life Parent Network is to support parents in creating a child-guided educational model that fosters areas of individual interest.  When children are encouraged to follow their passions, they gain confidence in their natural abilities and thrive spiritually, emotionally and physically. This not only contributes to the New Earth, but also provides a sense of purpose that is the foundation for life-long joy and fulfillment.

Parent Liaison
Each month, our Parent Liaison, Sheila Buchanan leads a group call that is open to parents with children of all ages across the globe.  If your child exhibits spiritual gifts, has been labeled with a mental ‘disability’, or simply does not seem to fit into traditional education models, you will find your tribe here. Meetings focus on a different theme each month that is related to non-traditional learning environments for conscious youth.  Parents are encouraged to ask questions, share experiences and lend a compassionate ear to others in the group. 

For the past twenty-three years Sheila Buchanan has educated and raised her two conscious sons in alignment with their individual talents and preferences.  She has experienced the tireless dedication, courage and stamina that are required to uncover and nurture a child’s passion for learning when it does not fit into the traditional system.  She is intimately familiar with the joys and challenges that arise when developing a custom-tailored, learning environment that is in alignment with a child’s Divine plan; and passionate about creating communities of parents who are boldly exploring uncharted territory in education.

Check out our other programs:


Seed of Life programs are aimed at serving both the spiritual and physical aspects of life, guiding future generations to carve out a path of happiness, abundance and service. Our purpose is to create community through progressive offerings that help conscious kids and parents around the globe to connect, learn, share and thrive. Flower of Life’s long-term vision is to construct physical and virtual school models that provide interactive opportunities to explore topics like ancient archeology, meditation, vibration and sound, channeling and mediumship, plant communication, gardening, rocks and crystals, advanced technologies, quantum physics and much more. This is accomplished through a team of volunteer experts who have assembled to move these efforts forward, but also through donations from humans around the globe who attend and support our programs.

magical mentorship

Our Magical Mentorship program is for children who crave a deep immersion and exploration of their extra-sensory gifts. Mentors with special expertise are paired to work one-on-one with kids to develop confidence in their intuitive abilities. This program covers a wide range of disciplines from channeling and mediumship to ancient archeology, astrology/ numerology, quantum physics, energy healing and more.


Conscious Youth is exclusively for kids aged 9 to 18 who are highly intuitive, psychic, empathic, telepathic, spiritually gifted or interested in these topics.
Children from around the globe log into remote meetings twice a month, hosted by Multi-dimensional Teacher, Ivy Roush. One of these monthly gatherings is dedicated to a special topic presented by a guest teacher who is an expert in the movement to higher consciousness. The purpose of the program is to provide a safe place to share experiences and develop spiritual gifts to live a happy, healthy and purposeful life. Topics include channeling, light language, astrology, elements, crystals, ancient archeology and more.

Seed of Life School

Seed of Life School is an initiative of the Flower of Life Institute, a volunteer movement focused on raising the vibration and consciousness of the planet. We offer many diverse programs designed to support conscious youth and parents on the planet today.

Parent Forum

During a period of mass awakening, parents are both blessed and challenged with guiding highly crystalline, multi-dimensional and intuitive children. Our Parent Forum provides a sacred space to gather and connect with like-minded souls who share similar parenting experiences and creative approaches to raising sensitive children on the planet today.


Weekend in Wizardry is our annual, immersion into all things metaphysical! Wizards from around the globe unite in Michigan for a weekend of adventure and exploration to hone their energetic, spiritual and intuitive gifts. Our team recruits experts in the field of higher consciousness to work with the kids and there are also a few interactive sessions designed exclusively for parents.