Take your superpowers to the next level.
Seed of Life School, an initiative of the Flower of Life Institute, is dedicated to providing conscious youth with opportunities to explore their gifts in a safe, nurturing environment. Our mission is to provide an alternative option to conventional schooling that helps children create a fulfilling life, encompassing all of the unique passions, gifts and talents they arrived with on the planet. The Magical Mentorship program is an extension of our Conscious Youth movement and Weekend in Wizardry event, offering kids the chance to immerse themselves within a specific area of focus guided by one of our head wizards.
Magical Mentorship is designed for children ages 9-18 who want to better understand and master their extraordinary gifts through individualized, experiential activities and regular connection with a personal mentor. The primary focus of this innovative program is to guide your child to uncover dormant gifts and unique abilities. Knowing many advanced children come to the planet remembering their assignments and psychic abilities, we hold space to ensure they are in the driver seat of their own creative process and journey. A magical mentor is chosen to match your child’s special gifts, needs and level of advancement. Together, they will embark on a three-month deep dive into a specially curated experience to uncover, activate and enhance their superpowers. Sixty-minute, virtual meetings are held twice a month to help your child:
Cultivate a relationship with an expert in a one-to-one setting
Develop appreciation for their uniqueness
Uncover and develop spiritual gifts
Gain confidence in natural abilities
Understand and direct psychic experiences and energetic sensitivities
Foster areas of interest and creativity
Carve out a path to thrive within their authentic blueprint and energy signature
The Mentors
Our mentors bring an incredible range of experiences to
share. Flower of Life Institute has built relationships with
pioneers across the globe in the movement to higher
consciousness. This allows us to recruit mentors who
bring a wide spectrum of gifts, expertise and knowledge
to our program, tailored to meet your child’s needs.
Our format does not adhere to any standardized
structure, benchmarks or requirements.
Your child’s progress, excitement and
satisfaction are the GPS, creating a roadmap
for how the mentorship program unfolds and
where the journey leads next. This allows for
interaction with new mentors once the
initial two-month commitment is
complete, offering the opportunity to
explore multiple abilities over the course
of a year or more. It may take interaction
with several head wizards to hone the
extraordinary abilities of your child,
putting all puzzle pieces together to
reveal a beautiful landscape.
Mentors are selected to foster special areas of interest in your child, including:
Awareness and identification of emerging gifts and abilities
Energy and Alternative Healing Arts
Sacred Connections, Channeling and Mediumship
Gridwork, Vortexes, and Portals
Ancient Archeology, Mythology and History
Animal, Angel, Extraterrestrial, Plant and Crystal Communication
Sacred Geometry and Ancient Symbols
Channeled Art, Sound Therapy and Light Language
Telekinesis, Telepathy and Remote Viewing
Are you ready to
embark on the
magic of
Flower of Life Institute provides
scholarships to families who want to
participate, but need financial assistance.
Share your special circumstances with us
to be considered.