The Flower of Life Institute is a volunteer organization that is financed internally and through public donations. These funds are distributed equally between many programs, including our expo, youth movement, conscious action initiatives and Peace in Progress, a grounded effort to create organic farms, schools and a community center. Regardless of the costs of these projects, 100% of the proceeds from Mentorship Program registrations go directly to our Mentors, whose time and expertise we value.

When you donate to our Mentorship Scholarship Fund, you are providing a child with one-on-one interaction with a carefully selected Mentor, who both receive the direct benefit of your contribution. There are no hidden operating costs or profit for the organization, as the program is administered and run solely by volunteers. Donations made directly to the Mentorship Program will be held in our Scholarship Fund until requests for financial assistance are made and approved by our team.

DONATE directly to the Mentorship Program or any of our Flower of Life initiatives below:

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