During a period of mass awakening, parents are both blessed and challenged with guiding highly crystalline, multi-dimensional and intuitive children. Our Parent Forum provides a sacred space to gather and connect with like-minded souls who share similar parenting experiences and creative approaches to raising sensitive children on the planet today.

Each month, our Intuitive Channel, Micheila Sheldan hosts a free, remote call for parents around the globe. This dynamic, interactive session is designed to ask questions, swap stories and gain support on your parenting journey. Ivy provides parents with a monthly glimpse into the topics covered in our Conscious Youth meetings, offering practices and teaching points that can be used by parents at home. This can include tips for working with spiritual gifts like channeling, mediumship, telepathy and empathy, as well as wisdom and modalities from experts who have shared their gifts with our children. From time to time, you will find inspirational topics and current events highlighted as the focus of these meetings, while others are designated as a free-flow forum to share inspiration and resources.

Your child does not have to be in our
programs to attend.

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Seed of Life programs are aimed at serving both the spiritual and physical aspects of life, guiding future generations to carve out a path of happiness, abundance and service. Our purpose is to create community through progressive offerings that help conscious kids and parents around the globe to connect, learn, share and thrive. Flower of Life’s long-term vision is to construct physical and virtual school models that provide interactive opportunities to explore topics like ancient archeology, meditation, vibration and sound, channeling and mediumship, plant communication, gardening, rocks and crystals, advanced technologies, quantum physics and much more. This is accomplished through a team of volunteer experts who have assembled to move these efforts forward, but also through donations from humans around the globe who attend and support our programs.

magical mentorship

Our Magical Mentorship program is for children who crave a deep immersion and exploration of their extra-sensory gifts. Mentors with special expertise are paired to work one-on-one with kids to develop confidence in their intuitive abilities. This program covers a wide range of disciplines from channeling and mediumship to ancient archeology, astrology/ numerology, quantum physics, energy healing and more.


Conscious Youth is exclusively for kids aged 9 to 18 who are highly intuitive, psychic, empathic, telepathic, spiritually gifted or interested in these topics.
Children from around the globe log into remote meetings twice a month, hosted by Multi-dimensional Teacher, Ivy Roush. One of these monthly gatherings is dedicated to a special topic presented by a guest teacher who is an expert in the movement to higher consciousness. The purpose of the program is to provide a safe place to share experiences and develop spiritual gifts to live a happy, healthy and purposeful life. Topics include channeling, light language, astrology, elements, crystals, ancient archeology and more.

Seed of Life School

Seed of Life School is an initiative of the Flower of Life Institute, a volunteer movement focused on raising the vibration and consciousness of the planet. We offer many diverse programs designed to support conscious youth and parents on the planet today.


Weekend in Wizardry is our annual, immersion into all things metaphysical! Wizards from around the globe unite in Michigan for a weekend of adventure and exploration to hone their energetic, spiritual and intuitive gifts. Our team recruits experts in the field of higher consciousness to work with the kids and there are also a few interactive sessions designed exclusively for parents.