Head wizards are pioneers and experts in their fields, internationally recognized for groundbreaking work in the movement to higher consciousness. They offer a mix of personal stories, gifts and wisdom to support the expansion of each child’s spiritual path. Our teachers provide real world tools to inspire positive change while encouraging interaction and exchange of ideas, meeting each participant at their level of comfort, understanding and desire to move towards their highest potential.

Kaylaa Kayce

Multidimensional Teacher

Kaylaa Kayce is a multidimensional teacher and consultant who works with harmonic frequencies to adjust and bring stability to the emotional energies of Hybrid and Crystal children. Her unique connection to emotional frequency acts to bridge a child’s higher dimensional, intergalactic energies with their physical structure here on the Earth plane. Kaylaa works through the Orion Council of Light, as well as with the Yahyel and Dolphin Collectives. In cooperation with Council directives, she vibrationally balances the heart chakra to bring children into alignment with their own distinctive vibration. Her healing work correlates with the need for a new interpretation and perception that is manifesting through today’s Crystal and Hybrid children. Kaylaa has a Master’s Degree in Education and is a licensed Intervention Specialist.

Micheila Sheldan

Intuitive Channel

Micheila Sheldan is an Intuitive Channel whose mission is to inspire others to fearlessly live their soul’s higher purpose, as well as support Lightworkers through a very transitional time on our planet. She channels a variety of guides, archangels, ascended masters and interdimensional collectives offering transmissions via live lectures, writings and group course work. Micheila also serves as the Executive Director of the Flower of Life Center for Human Evolution and works with volunteers on a variety of projects ranging from conscious action initiatives and youth programs to the organization’s international expo and magazine. She is the mother of two very gifted teenage daughters who have both awakened to spirit communication and unique energetic abilities.

Barb Morey

Aura Reader

Barb Morey has seen people glowing with beautiful colors since birth. Throughout her life, she developed a sense of how to detect health problems and even impending death by carefully evaluating this glow. In her late 30s Barb realized what she was seeing was an aura. In addition to her own personal research, she studied under gifted aura reader and author, Barbara Bowers. She also mastered many disciplines, including reflexology, myofascial, Jin Shin Do and advanced cranial. By combining her intuitive understanding of crystals, aura reading gifts and massage skills, Barb discovered her purpose... healing others. She is now dedicated to the continual research and discovery of healing in her own life and the lives of others.

What Are They

In an experiential journey into the fascinating world of Remote Viewing, children will explore their ability to perceive and describe information about a person, place, or object from a distance. They will learn ways to focus their minds to receive information and remotely sense the unseen.

Honing Your Inner Wizard will utilize group process to assist young wizards in integrating the knowledge and wisdom they acquired throughout the weekend, and to find practical applications in their daily lives.

What Are They

In the midst of a very significant earth transition, humans are activating their extra-sensory tools more expansively than ever. As new children arrive in this higher vibration, they are more apt to easily access their telepathic and energetic abilities. We are now ushering in a wave of children who are more advanced than their parents, requiring new knowledge and parenting skills. Through her awakening and journey to channeling, Micheila Sheldan realized her daughters were also stepping into spirit communication. She comes to share her experiences, channeled resources and practical tools for supporting children as they communicate beyond the earth.

What Are They

In this workshop, the children will learn how to see and interpret aura colors and sizes, as well as the difference between the core aura colors and more transient colors. She will also share with each child, his or her aura colors and the meaning of them. Barb Morey will also teach how to enhance and strengthen the aura, through the use of an energy circle. During this portion of the workshop, she will work with the children to use different types of rocks, to construct and use an energy circle.

Ken Chorley


Ken Chorley’s life is focused around integrating intelligent conscious living into communities around the world. His vision carries projects beyond the old paradigm into futuristic models to blend with current systems and carry them forward into an emerging new template for humanity. He lives, practices and teaches that as we support the individual in accessing heightened states of awareness and expression of natural talents and abilities such as Telekinesis, Aerokinesis, and Pyrokinesis, we shift the entire human paradigm into homo novus, the “new human.” Ken finds regeneration through merging with nature and the elements around us and is dedicated to healthy lifestyle and personal inner growth.

Denise Mange

Animal Communicator

After a decade working at some of the most prestigious advertising agencies in New York City, Denise left Madison Avenue to pursue her soul's purpose, which is working with pets and their humans. Denise believes that animals serve as amazing access points for powerful connections that help us learn more about ourselves and our spiritual gifts. Whether in the context of traditional training or communicating with animals in the wild, Denise is passionate about empowering humans to connect more deeply and whole-heartedly with our feathered, finned, scaled, winged, and furry friends. Denise received her BS from Boston University, her dog trainer certification from Animal Behavior College, and is a certified Animal Communicator through top experts in the field.

Rob Fournier

Holistic Practioner

Rob Fournier is a holistic practioner, sound meditation facilitator, and author. He combines his unique skill set and background in occupational therapy and advanced craniosacral therapy healing to assist individuals on their journey to oneness. Rob uses the primary components of frequency and vibration to allow individuals to gently awakened to their truth. Rob has had a personal life/death experience at birth, providing him to see beyond his potential and assisting others to feel their relationship of being the divine center/ truth. He further uses laughter and play as a gateway of healing and connecting to our true source of happiness within. All healing, growth, and unity begins from within. Through Rob’s book, “The Process: Soul’s Journey to Oneness”, he provides personal real life experiences and tools to assist you in feeling the vibration of love and how to develop awareness needed for

What Are They

Through this interactive workshop, Ken takes the children on a life changing journey of personal activation as they learn how to tap into their own energetic signature to experience elevated states of consciousness and connection. These tools will help them to understand energy movement, ESP, clairvoyance, telepathy and telekinesis. Through Kens teachings they will have the opportunity to connect to their own telekinetic abilities indoors, as well as connect to the elements of nature outdoors through the practice of aerokinesis.

What Are They

Whether pets or in the wild, animals provide insight into who we truly are, our gifts, and how our unique piece fits in the broader energetic puzzle. Listening Through Animals is designed to teach children how to tap into their own wisdom and connection to the universe through animal communication. This class empowers children to understand how they most naturally are inclined to receive messages, different ways animals communicate using symbols and the natural world, how to interpret the messages and ask deeper questions to explore the mysteries of the universe alongside their furry, scaled, finned or winged guides.

What Are They

Rob provides two interactive sessions for wizards to explore and uncover their hidden energetic abilities. As he mentors conscious kids to sense, read, send and receive feedback non-physically, they discover unique healing abilities brought in from birth. Rob also takes them on a sound journey to understand and utilize ancient healing tools.

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